Info for Dentists - Clinical Case

This is a clinical case presentation of an implant procedure with a NaturalLock Implant 4.3 x 10 in area #14.

- courtesy of Dr. Pedro Ferreira Borges (Porto/Portugal)
Surgery Tray
Required instruments for implantation 4,3 x 10

Checking correct diameter of Implant with drillguide. Transgingival pilot hole drilling.

Missing # 24, good gingival conditions
for a minimal invasive procedure

Punch guide in pilot hole, (check proper angulation etc.)

Tissue punch Trephine

Removing tissue

Tissue removed

Osteotomy with 3,5 x 10 Drill

Enlarging osteotomy with a 4,3 x 10 Drill
mounted in a drill extension tool

Implant placing out of sterile container

Implant driver with ratchet, maximum torque of 40 Ncm

Implant in final position

Immediate loading with a prefabricated provisional crown, avoiding occlusal contact

Final restoration 4 months after surgery