Info for Dentists - Prosthetical Procedure

The NaturalLock Implant is designed for easy prosthetics.

After an appropriate time of healing (3 - 6 months) you can start with the prosthetical reconstruction.

You can either take a conventional impression (Polyether) or use an optical scanning device.

In the first case we recommend to use a transfer screw and a Lab Analog for best results.

Take an impression of the NaturalLock implant.

Then either you or the lab technician insert a lab analog with proper diameter into the impression, fabricate a model and scan the analog.

The lab technician designs the coping according to the informaHon you gave him. (The Margin should be 0.5mm below the gingiva).

The lab technician will be able to create a coping with the highest level of accuracy, predictability and consistency to obtain a crown which you will be able to cement on the implant abutment.

Before the impression is taken, a transferscrew is mounted on the top of the implant


A transferscrew is mounted on top of the lab analog

Model with lab analog

Proceed with scanning analog and model

The prep margins are defined according to your requirements

The circonium coping is designed and ready for milling process

Crown cemented on Implant # 35