Info for Lab - Scanning and CADCAM

Impression of # 35 with polyether (Permadyne).
A transfer screw was mounted on the implant prior to taking the impression.

Lab analog and transfer screw

Lab analog with mounted transfer screw is positioned into the impression

The master cast with lab analog; before proceeding, the transfer screw must be removed.

After applying an anti glare scanning powder, the space beneath the gingiva must be revealed; in this case ½ mm gypsum is reduced.

The now "uncovered" subgingival region

The abutment now completely covered with new anti glare powder, ready for scanning procedure

The model is scanned.

The prep margin is digitally marked.

Parameter for scanning procedure
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Coping design, ready for milling procedure

The zirconium coping has been veneered with ceramics and placed into the patient's mouth.